Shyla Shepard

Sr. Vice President, Texas
Finlay Management, Inc.

Shyla Shepard is a respected name in the multifamily property management world. From the beginning of her career, she has been recognized as a leader in her field, consistently winning annual achievement awards including the esteemed “Regional Manager of the Year.”

Starting as a property manager, she has risen through the ranks of major property management firms to positions of Senior Regional Manager and Director of Operations. Focusing on the Dallas/Fort Worth and South Texas markets, she has handled as many as 7,000 units and has been responsible for hiring, training and accounting. Her portfolios have included conventional and affordable properties ranging from Class C to A.

As Senior Vice-President for Texas, Shyla is responsible for the operations of Finlay Management’s entire Texas portfolio. Supported by a team of regional and local property managers, she coordinates management policies and procedures and oversees the performance of all Texas assets. In addition, she brings local market expertise to Lloyd Jones Capital’s investment process.