Acquisition is just the beginning. Property Management execution is critical to the strategic plan.


Property management is critical to achieving our strategic goals. As our property-management arm and sister company, Finlay Management, Inc. is at our side from the moment we target an investment. From market studies to physical and financial evaluations and other due diligence tasks, Finlay Management is an integral part of Lloyd Jones Capital’s evaluation process. Then, upon acquisition, Finlay Management provides a seamless transition as it assumes day-to-day operations throughout the duration of the investment.

Finlay Management brings over 30 years of property management expertise to the project. With experienced VPs and regional managers already located in Florida, Texas and South Carolina, the company has the necessary capacity to easily absorb Lloyd Jones Capital’s  acquisitions into its existing operations.  Finlay Management is one of the few management firms designated as an AMO (Accredited Management Organization®) by IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management®). For more information, visit www.FinlayManagement.com.