What has worked well for us will work well for you.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Lloyd Jones Capital maintains offices and operations teams throughout our targeted markets. We do what we know best. We invest in high-potential multifamily real estate. It’s the same thing we have been doing successfully for our own account for the past 30 years. And, now, we invite you to participate in our investments.

We choose to focus on Texas, Florida and South Carolina not only because they are among the nation’s most dynamic markets, but also because we have strong operations throughout those states. Our many years of experience — from the ground up in these markets — give us a strong advantage when it comes to investing there.


A Welsh legacy

The name Lloyd Jones was chosen to honor our founder’s Welsh grandfather, Hugh Davies Jones, and great-grandfather, Alfred Bibby Lloyd. Lloyd was a master builder and mayor of Flint, a small town in northeast Wales, and Jones was the owner of the local foundry. Both were highly respected businessmen and community leaders, and the family reputation for sound business practices and strong work ethic created an undeniable legacy for Chris Finlay from the time he was a youngster. This proud heritage continues to inspire Chris and his team in the work that they do for their partners and investors.